Class of 1984

Help meet our class giving goal!

Help meet our class giving goal!
of $9,275 raised

The Class of 1984 has set a fundraising goal of $1,984 towards the class gift.

To help contribute make a donation and select Class of 1984 from the designation drop-down.

Class Reps

Class Reps
Melissa Black '84

Melissa Black

Rawle Danglade '84
Rawle Danglade
Aretha Gomes '84
Aretha Gomes
Shirlene Gordon '84
Shirlene Gordon
Stephanie Dunlap Holloman (Roddy) '84
Stephanie Dunlap Holloman (Roddy)
Eric Smith '84
Kareem Hinckson
Monique Spaulding '84
Monique Spaulding
Horace Davis '84
Horace Davis
Eric Smith '84
Eric Smith
Lisa Siberon '84
Lisa Siberon
Valarie Hollingsworth '84
Valarie Hollingsworth