Corey Kroll

Following graduation from Brooklyn Tech, where I studied Electronics, I attended Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute to complete my BSEE. A long and fruitful career in Electronics Engineering ensued, working as an engineer for Digital Equipment Corp. through the ’70s to early ’80s. At DEC, I played a part in ushering in several new computers, including the VAX 11/780 and the beginnings of local area networking (LAN), which has now expanded to all of our internet communications.

After DEC moved me from Brooklyn to the Denver, Colorado Area, I joined Martin Marietta Aerospace (now Lockheed Martin) in 1983 as an electronics engineer and stayed there for the next 31+ years,  designing avionics for spacecraft, launch vehicles, and the Space Shuttle. Spacecraft were both satellites and planetary, for both the U.S. government and NASA. Launch vehicles were for the Atlas series of boosters. The last 11+ years — the best years — were spent working on the Space Shuttle until its retirement from service.

While still in Brooklyn I obtained my pilot’s license and bought my first airplane. Since then, I have not been a single day without owning an airplane. I now own two.

In December 2015 I moved to South Carolina where I live on a private airpark along with my two airplanes, which I still fly throughout the United States.