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Saturday, May 18, 2024
5-8 PM: Tour, student presentations, reception and VIP screening

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Step into the future at brooklyn tech

Step into the future at brooklyn tech
Brooklyn Tech Future World Vision
STEM Pathways Consortium
Invites You to

A Day of Engineering and Exploration

As a culminating event for United for Infrastructure Week, a national movement to promote the importance of infrastructure and infrastructure careers to the vitality of communities and our nation, the Brooklyn Tech Future World Vision STEM Pathways Consortium spring conference will offer students, parents, and guest educators a glimpse into the exciting future that awaits them as future engineers.

The day’s activities will include an exclusive screening of the new IMAX film CITIES OF THE FUTURE, an interactive session with the film’s director and members of its diverse cast, and opportunities to see how Brooklyn Tech students explore the themes of the film through hands-on labs.

The conference will conclude with an invitation-only VIP screening and reception recognizing donors and supporters of the consortium and Brooklyn Tech.


CITIES OF THE FUTURE is an educational initiative developed to inspire a new generation of kids to pursue careers in STEM-related fields, especially those in infrastructure and the built environment. The initiative includes the film, an educator’s guide, companion videos, a nationwide outreach program connecting engineers with kids, and a campaign to provide funding for field trips and film screenings for underserved children and Title 1 schools.

Combining state-of-the-art CGI with live-action cinematography and narration by award-winning actor John Krasinski, the CITIES OF THE FUTURE film is an immersive experience that lets audiences “step into the future” where they’ll see electric flying cars and aerial highways, fully sustainable smart buildings, greener infrastructure and solar power beamed down from space.

Compelled by the urgent need to address climate change and mitigate its most harmful impacts, five diverse young engineers take us on an optimistic and thought-provoking journey to explore real-world solutions, traveling from Los Angeles to Amsterdam and Singapore.

The film also follows a team of middle school students as they compete in the Future City Competition, demonstrating that a better future is in the hands of today’s aspiring engineers.


• Utilize the CITIES OF THE FUTURE IMAX film as a means to motivate high school and middle school students to pursue further STEM studies and STEM related careers.

• Demonstrate how Brooklyn Technical High School as a STEM leader can be a resource to schools across our nation and highlight how public/private collaborations such as the STEM Pathways Future World Vison Consortium can serve as a model that can be replicated throughout the nation.

• Cultivate support from professional organizations, public sources, and corporations to sponsor the project and to sustain the effort.

• Shine a spotlight on the educators, engineers, and institutions working to build a brighter future for our children.

Students will benefit from this event as outlined below:

• Introduce students from Brooklyn Tech and seven partner middle schools to role models who encourage and empower them to aspire to shape a better future for their communities

• Highlight the vital role and exciting career opportunities offered in engineering and other STEM-related professionals

• Provide hands-on engineering explorations that will showcase the achievements of Brooklyn Tech students while building interest among middle school students in joining the Brooklyn Tech academic community

9:30 AM – 2:00 PM: Student Program Includes film screening, meet the cast, student presentations, hands-on activities, and lunch.
5 – 8 PM: VIP screening, tours, and reception.



Brooklyn Tech High School

29 Fort Greene Place
Brooklyn NY 11217

All participants must enter through the Visitors’ Entrance at the corner of Dekalb Avenue and South Elliott Place. Valid ID Required. You must be registered to participate. No walk-ins permitted.