Howard Fluhr

At Tech I was a College Prep major and went on SUNY Stony Brook (B.Sc., Biology, 1970), then to the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (DMD, 1974). I practiced in the Philadelphia area until 2022, when I retired. My experiences and education at Tech were instrumental to my future career and success. Dr. William Pabst was the principal during my time at Tech. I remember so many of my teachers by name! I am proud to be included in the Diamond Club membership. I was co-captain of the Swim team. I was present at my 50-year reunion in 2016 and marveled at the level of intelligence of the modern Technite, as well as the technological changes the school has undergone (the foundry is out, and computers are in!). I wear my Brooklyn Tech cap religiously, and occasionally meet someone from New York who is aware of Tech’s reputation, which is always fun for me.

In short, I am grateful to the New York City school system for the education I received. Let educational excellence continue for future generations by continuing to properly fund Tech and the other specialized high schools.