Ira Meislik

On October 31, 2021, I retired from the practice of law. I loved the practice, but always had the following statement in the back of my head: “No one on their deathbed ever said I wished I had spent more time in the office.”

That leaves Karen (58 years of marriage, 65 years since we met) and me here in San Diego (since 2016). Are you asking why? Number 1 Family Feud answer: “Grandchildren.” All four are here in Southern California and we couldn’t get them to move to New York City. So, we followed them (and our two children) here.

So, what fills my day that didn’t before retirement? I’ve been taking serious classes at UCSD and at San Diego’s Community College, ones that didn’t fit in our BTHS curriculum or at Poly or in law school.

Regards to all. I can be reached by email, if you can’t find a different way.