Jay Brick

Gentlemen, the Pythagorean theorem works!
After graduating Tech, and with the Army (Viet Vet) and an NYU diploma under my belt, I eventually entered the home-improvement arena, using my Industrial Design-course background to design and construct. A superb epiphany was the realization that I could use Pythagoras’ formula to measure roofs, including very large ones, from the ground with no need to actually walk them.

Decades later, I’m ‘almost’ retired, as in Godfather III when Michael Corleone says, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” I’m frequently asked to come in to train companies’ sales staff (for $$ of course).

Two daughters, four grandchildren, and a marvelous wife and I’m a happy guy. I go to the gym regularly, with traveling, cruises, and fine dining as the end-game report card on my life.