John Mardente

I knew I wanted to be a civil engineer ever since I was eight years old. My 6th grade teacher recommended her engineer husband’s high school: BTHS. I told my dad and he brought home the book so I could study for the entrance exam. We had three choices of high school on the exam form and all I marked down was BTHS. I happily gained admission and attended from 1983-87. Dad took me to Tech for a tour and to show me the NYC subway and I loved BTHS. The foundation I have from this school prepared me for my life and I will always appreciate this opportunity. I attained a full scholarship to CCNY to study Civil Engineering and graduated in 1993.

A side note: My dad tried to get into BTHS in 1948 but didn’t make it and had to attend Boys High School. He was very proud of me for getting in and always was so proud of me. He recently passed away in April 2022 and I miss him dearly. Thanks, Dad.