John R. Murphy

I took the BTHS admissions test without any knowledge of the value of the institution. Thank you, Sister Ann Madeline (Sam, behind her back), my 8th grade teacher in a tiny Catholic grammar school in Red Hook, Brooklyn, for arranging the day — including a bus pass and written directions to Tech. Best thing to happen to me, getting me away from the street gang culture I grew up with and providing a path to a better life. A 1960 City Championship (and eventual Tech Hall of Fame recognition for the team) got me a college athletic scholarship and the academics at Tech gave me college credit for three courses. I met my beautiful wife at the University of Bridgeport. Unfortunately she passed about 12 years ago. We have one daughter and two granddaughters.

I never did pursue an engineering degree but worked part time as a draftsman/technician for a number of structural/architectural firms for many years (thank you, Mr. Phelan) while I taught physics in a Bridgeport high school for eight years. I eventually went to the dark side (per some family members) and got a JD from St. John’s and LLM from NYU. I spent 35+ years as a corporate/regulatory attorney for New York Life, a white-shoe law firm, and finally Met Life. I retired at age 70 and haven’t looked back, thanks to Jo, my lady of 10 years and love of my life. (She is a Red Hook girl who wouldn’t look at me during my ‘grunt’ days in high school or college; she is a nerd.) Life is good as we travel a lot and regularly attend New York City Broadway and other theater events.

I intend to continue to support the alumni programs designed to continue the BTHS mystique, but am distressed that too few of my BTHS football teammates participate.