Ken Brower

I have been a lucky guy! Loved Tech, then went to the University of Michigan, which was even better…because it had girls. Met the love of my life on a blind date on Christmas Eve 1965….and, yes there is a Santa. My gift was Helene Zeltzer from Hilltop Village, Queens. We had two wonderful daughters and have enjoyed a great life together. Worked downtown for nine years after a useless year at the Electric Boat Company, then moved to D.C., which was necessary for my work as a naval architect. My hobby became my job! Specialized as a blank sheet feasibility designer of naval ships and cutters, as well as in comparative naval architecture studies. Was lucky enough to go out on my own for nearly thirty years in order to continue as a hands-on naval architect. I created ships with a replacement value of about 75 billion dollars while also generating internationally recognized studies of U.S. and foreign warships, ice breakers, and buoy tenders. Also became a defense analyst working with the world’s leading Soviet military analyst, who became my best friend. Was a consultant to PM Thatcher, the U.K. military and NATO. Visited many countries because of my comparative ship studies and my work with NATO after the collapse of the U.S.S.R. Have been published hundreds of times and I was the national radio defense expert during Desert Storm. Did any of you recognize my voice or see me on TV? The guys in my Tech homeroom remain the brightest group I have ever met!