Malcolm Davidson, M.D. FAAP

I have very vivid memories of my four years at BTHS and still have my Major T. Like so many of my classmates, I too feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to Tech for my four years of excellent education.
I went on to get my BA at Uptown Hunter College (now Lehman College) in the Bronx and clocked four more years commuting via the NYC transit system. I then went to Upstate Medical School in Syracuse. My internship and residency in Pediatrics were completed at Children’s Hospital and Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and Baylor Hospital Program in Houston. After two years in the USAF Medical Corp, I returned to Dallas, spent 45 years in General Pediatric practice and have been retired for the past seven years.
Amongst my best and most memorable teachers were Mr. Lincoln (Industrial Processes) and Mr. Tron (French). Amongst my most terrifying teachers were Mr. Nepo (Woodshop) and Mr. Riker (Mechanical Drawing).

If possible, I would like to know if two of my classmates, Charles Courdy and Ronald Cardos are still out there.