Michael Gordon

After Brooklyn Tech, from which I got the best education anyone could want, rather than pursuing engineering, I changed to Pre-Med and went to Brooklyn College. Because of a desire to travel and explore as much of the world as possible I chose to attend medical school in Scotland, at the University of St. Andrews, the Dundee campus. I travelled through my study years and on graduation did a 5-month internship in OB/GYN in Israel after 6-months medicine in Aberdeen Scotland. I returned to Boston to do a second internship, thence to Montreal, Canada and then to Israel with my Israeli wife. I pursued further internal medicine training in Israel, after I completed my mandatory military service as an Air Force doctor. I returned to Canada in 1973 and took a combined position at the University of Toronto, Mount Sinai Hospital and Baycrest Geriatric Centre. I completed my master’s in Ethics at the University of Toronto
With a specialty in ethics and geriatrics I put my mind to one of passions — writing. I have authored nine books; two have just been revised and a new one is soon to be released. My first book was Old Enough To Feel Better: A Medical Guide for Seniors. My two revised books are Brooklyn Beginnings: A Geriatrician’s Odyssey and Moments that Matter: Cases in Ethical Elder Care. My new book, Looking through the Lens: Reflections on Medicine, Ethics and Society, should be released in 2023.
I am retired from practice and live with my wife Gilda Berger from Winnipeg and have four children, two from my first marriage and two with Gilda.
I consider myself a very lucky person — Brooklyn Tech was the beginning of that quest for adventure and knowledge.