Robert Crawford

Upon leaving BTHS I went on to become an engineer, physicist, entrepreneur, and investment banker. I sincerely believe that our BTHS technological foundation provided a spatial focus to solve technical, business, and life challenges.
• I received a BS in Metallurgical Engineering from Lehigh University and an MS in Metallurgical Engineering and Solid-State Physics and an MBA in Corporate Finance and International Business from New York University, I received several patents for composite materials and published a number of technical and financial papers.
• In the 1960s and ’70s I was initially a USAF Officer and then held executive positions with International Nickel, NL Industries and Union Carbide. I was also a Corporate Finance officer with a major Wall Street investment banking firm. I went on to manage and direct over $4 billion in corporate business financing in my career.
• In the ’80s and ’90s, I was the founder and co-founder of more than 10 leading-edge technology companies including several publicly listed firms, which I served as Chief Executive Officer.
• Since 2003 I have been the CEO of the PRIME Group of Companies. PRIME is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and has representative offices in Suzhou, China.