Ron Brandt

I am now retired and snowbird between NJ and FL. I had a 35-year career in the chemicals industry, finishing as CEO of a small biotech in the Princeton area. This was followed by 15 years teaching Chemistry and Physics at the high school level. I often relied on what we learned at Tech as my benchmark. I still do a bit of chemistry tutoring, which helps pay for golf.

I also had an active career as a volunteer, serving as President of five community and industry-based organizations, and as a Board member of numerous other groups.

I am a lifelong student with degrees including a B.ChE., MBA, MA, and PhD. I am currently halfway through a third Master’s program in Jewish History.

We are blessed with three grown daughters, sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren. The oldest two grandchildren are in their second year of college.

Simply stated, BTHS was among the most influential educational experiences in my life. I treasure my memories of that exceptional opportunity.