Sam Koeppel

I invite all alumni (and students, too!) to visit the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, Long Island. As one of its many docents since the museum’s opening in 2000, I guide visitors through the Apollo section exhibit on Thursdays. I was lucky to have worked on Apollo’s Lunar Module proposal at Grumman Aerospace, winner and prime LM contractor, led by Tom Kelly.
Featured Apollo exhibit? One of the three remaining flight-ready Apollo Lunar Modules that did not go to the party. Ours sits on a simulated moonscape with Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong mannequin descending the spacecraft’s ladder.
The museum’s exhibits cover aviation and space on Long Island since 1903. As a result, hundreds of authentic LI aerospace elements occupy the floor and displays, including many Grumman and Republic Aviation aircraft. Countless subcontractors, like Sperry Gyroscope, were also among companies that participated in the extraordinary Lon Island era of aviation and space. Another Tech alum, Andy Parton ’75, is president of the museum, which has generously hosted several Brooklyn Tech Alumni Long Island Chapter breakfasts.