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Unleashing Brilliance: Brooklyn Tech Industrial Design Majors Shine in Thomas Volpe ’53 UrbanGlass Technology Initiative Neon Exhibition

January 12, 2024
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Nathan Streitman, Ret. AIA, AICP

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Jack Kinstlinger

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Class of 1966

Howard Fluhr

November 11, 2023

At Tech I was a College Prep major and went on SUNY Stony Brook (B.Sc., Biology, 1970), then to the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (DMD, 1974). I practiced in the Philadelphia area until 2022, when I retired. My experiences and education at Tech were instrumental to my future career and success. Dr. William Pabst was the principal during my time at Tech. I remember so many of my teachers by name! I am proud to be included in the Diamond Club membership. I was co-captain of the Swim team. I was present at my 50-year reunion in 2016 and marveled at the level of intelligence of the modern Technite, as well as the technological changes the school has undergone (the foundry is out, and computers are in!). I wear my Brooklyn Tech cap religiously, and occasionally meet someone from New York who is aware of Tech’s reputation, which is always fun for me.

In short, I am grateful to the New York City school system for the education I received. Let educational excellence continue for future generations by continuing to properly fund Tech and the other specialized high schools.

Class of 1955

Edward R. Wolpow

November 11, 2023

I graduated Tech in the winter class of 1955 and was class valedictorian. There were two large issues I had wanted to discuss in my valedictory address but was dissuaded by both parents and faculty — and, regrettably, I didn’t discuss them. The first was the striking difference between my classmates and a random group of Brooklynites — say, the folks at the RKO Albee down the street watching the latest movie. Looking at my copy of the Blueprint, there were three Blacks, one Asian, and a handful of Latinos (most notably, Richard Farina, who made a name for himself as a writer and folksinger). And, needless to say, no women. That all changed for the better over the years. I remember being told there were just not that many girls interested in science in Brooklyn (although, judging from Bronx Science, that did not appear to be true in the Bronx). Has the story been told about the steps toward inclusion at Tech over the years?
These were the Eisenhower-McCarthy years, and two of my best teachers, Meyer Case (Economics) and Raymond Blau (English) were fired by the New York City Board of Education for failing to take a “loyalty oath” required of New York City teachers. Mr. Case’s testimony before the notorious House Un-American Affairs Activities Committee of Congress is available online. For all I know, there may have been more victims than just those two. I wonder what information about those years might still be available at the school. I also hear echoes in today’s news. In 1954, Eisenhower signed a bill adding “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance, which the entire school spoke each morning in unison. There were teacher-monitors who roamed the halls checking to see that we students (and I presume, teachers, also) said it right.
I am a three-years-retired neurologist; my practice was at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, and I taught at Harvard and Northeastern. I am widowed and have two married daughters and four grandkids. I didn’t become an engineer. What did I learn at Tech? Specifically, at the least, the glories of math, with Mr. Glaubiger, and I believe that later learning the very complicated anatomy of the brain and spinal cord was helped with Solid Geometry (is that still required?). I also learned at an early age that I did not do everything well. My worst course at Tech was Freehand Drawing, where I managed a minimal 65, only because the teacher told me that since he was the only person teaching that course, and definitely did not want to see any more of me, we’d agree on 65. And I ran into so many classmates in college and medical school who had never done poorly in anything in school until they ran into unexpected trouble. I’d gotten over that feeling so many years earlier!

Class of 1964

Gabriel Goldberg

November 11, 2023

After Tech, I attended Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, now NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Having enjoyed physics at Tech, I entered Poly as a Physics major. Midway through, I thought better of that and switched to Math. Graduating with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics, I figured I could go to graduate school (no), drive a taxi (also no), or work with computers, since I’d enjoyed them at Poly. That led me to IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY.

It was a wonderful first job, but Poughkeepsie was too sleepy for me after growing up in New York City. I told recruiters to focus on New York City and Boston, where I had friends and relatives. A recruiter who didn’t pay attention asked, “How about Washington?” I said sure, since I’d enjoyed visiting relatives there. So, I came to DC to work at Mitre, a non-profit government consultant and never left. After Mitre, I joined a small enterprise software company and left in 1992 to become a freelance technology writer/editor/consultant.

I wrote for the Washington Post for seven years, co-edited three giant McGraw-Hill technology books, and contributed to many trade publications. I’m almost-but-not-quite retired but busier than ever volunteering with local and national technology organizations, the Fairfax County Police Department, and, since my wife is a retired federal employee, our chapter of the organization for federal employees. I’ve attended the Fairfax County Citizens Police Academy, the FBI Citizens Academy, the Fairfax County Fire & EMS Citizens Academy, and the United States Park Police Citizens Academy. I highly recommend these opportunities, which are available in many areas.

A Tech coincidence: A couple of years ago, sitting in restaurant in Sedona, Arizona, I heard a patron and waiter discussing New York City bridges. I chime in and we chat a while. At some point, introductions were made. The other patron: “”Hey, I’m from Brooklyn.” More conversation: “Where’d you go to high school?” “Brooklyn Tech.” “Hey, I went to Tech. What year did you graduate?” “1964.” “Hey, I’m class of
1964, too!” Of course, we didn’t know each other, which, with 1200 graduates in our year, was not really surprising. But still, an interesting and unlikely coincidence!

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Jack Abramson ’32

Jan 27, 2023 Updated: Jan 27, 2023 Technite Profiles, Titans of Tech Stephanie Bakirtzis Feb 26, 2024 7:43 pm

Jack Abramson ’32 Jack Abramson ’32 was a New York garment manufacturer who was also a member of the United States Olympic Swimming Committee for 30 years. He was Assistant to the Chairman of Diamonds Run Ltd., a Manhattan-based dressmaker. From 1936 to 1963, he was President of Diamond Tea…


Howard Falick ’50

Apr 28, 2022 Updated: Apr 28, 2022 Obituaries, Technite Profiles Stephanie Bakirtzis Feb 26, 2024 7:43 pm

The Brooklyn Tech community deeply mourns the loss of Howard Falick ’50 who passed away January 6th at age 89 from complications of COVID-19.


Hazel Ekeke ’23

Nov 5, 2023 Updated: Nov 5, 2023 Technite Profiles, TechTimes, TechTimes Fall 2023, Uncategorized Stephanie Bakirtzis Feb 26, 2024 7:43 pm

Hazel Ekeke ’23 is a Biological Sciences major.


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Year In Review – 2023

Dec 31, 2023 Updated: Dec 31, 2023 News, The Technite, The Technite 2023 Stephanie Bakirtzis Feb 26, 2024 7:43 pm

The Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation reflects on the incredible moments that made 2023 truly special. From heartwarming reunions to groundbreaking events, your support has been the driving force behind our success.


Writers in the Room

Nov 15, 2023 Updated: Nov 15, 2023 News, TechTimes, TechTimes Fall 2023, Uncategorized Stephanie Bakirtzis Feb 26, 2024 7:43 pm

These Brooklyn Tech English teachers don’t just write on blackboards.
Published authors all, they enrich student education by introducing the perspective of a writer into the classroom.


World’s Largest Advanced Placement Program

Dec 9, 2021 Updated: Dec 9, 2021 News aharris Feb 26, 2024 7:43 pm

The world’s largest Advanced Placement program; a nine-story building with aerospace lab, a unique college-like system of majors; 187 clubs and activities; and 37 PSAL sports teams differentiate Brooklyn Tech from other specialized high schools in NYC’s ‘Elite 8’


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