Stephen Jerome Kohn

After graduation, I spent a year in Israel and moved here in 1991. I went to Queens College and CUNY and have been an economist ever since. My first professional jobs were in Ohio, which led to my being the state banking commissioner there. After that, I took a position at EY, heading its consulting practice in financial institutions, then the general practice, and eventually co-chairing the worldwide banking practice.

After moving to Israel, I worked at several high-tech firms doing their strategic planning and serving as a corporate director. (Tech Highlight: I started a relationship with a firm working with aluminum. The CEO said in the interview, “I assume you know nothing about aluminum.” Everything I learned about aluminum in Mr. Strarfield’s Industrial Process course streamed out of my mouth.)

When I was 65, I ran (and walked) the NYC Marathon. I never looked at the map, knowing the 38,000 runners in front of me would guide me. Suddenly I realized I had just passed the subway station I used to go to and from Tech, the highlight since I finished in 6 hours.

I have done much traveling, writing, and photography for the last few years. Two books of my short stories are on Amazon, and I will add a novel in about three months. I will be posting some of the photos on Instagram.