Tanya R. Kennedy ’85

Tanya Kennedy '85
Tanya Kennedy '85 Alumni Hall of Fame
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Inducted in 2018

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Man With a Plan

Oct 17, 2022 Updated: Oct 17, 2022 Technite Profiles, TechTimes, TechTimes Fall 2022 Stephanie Bakirtzis Feb 2, 2023 11:33 pm

Shariful Khan '15 is on track to clerk at the United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, and the Southern District of New York.


Konrad Hayashi ’73

Jan 12, 2022 Updated: Jan 12, 2022 Technite Profiles aharris Feb 2, 2023 11:33 pm

Throughout the pandemic Dr. Hayashi continued to serve on Covid duty, screening arriving civilian air passengers in Seattle and later overseeing mass vaccinations of soldiers in Georgia.


Eric Edwards ’65 Opens New African Art Museum in NYC

Jan 18, 2023 Updated: Jan 18, 2023 News, Technite Profiles Stephanie Bakirtzis Feb 2, 2023 11:33 pm

Technite Eric Edwards ’65 opens a new African Art Museum in New York City.