Victor Huggard

As a graduate of BTHS in 1954, I applied for admission to RPI, MIT and Cal Tech. While accepted to all three, due to financial considerations, I was accepted and chose instead to attend Cooper Union in Manhattan and continue to live at home in Queens. Shortly after starting college, I tired of commuting to school which I had done for almost 5 years and enlisted in the Army. I spent the next three years stationed in Germany as a military policeman in a Special Weapons Atomic Support unit. When discharged, I applied for admission to Valparaiso University in Indiana where I received a BSCE in 1962. During the next five years, I worked as a highway design engineer and as a building construction engineer while attending Brooklyn Law School at night. In 1967 I graduated with a Juris Doctor and was admitted to the bar and practice of law in New York.

I left New York with my family — a wife and two children — and moved to Schenectady, New York and was employed as the City Building Inspector and Assistant Director of City Development. After 3 years, I became Director of Engineering and Public Works for Schenectady County.

In 1972, I received my Professional Engineer’s license and was appointed Commissioner of Construction Contract Administration for the State of New York. I remained in that position until my retirement in 1996, developing and administering millions of dollars in contracts for State office buildings, mental health hospitals, and prisons.

Since retirement I have served my community as a volunteer fireman and fire policeman, have been an Emergency Medical Technician for both the fire department and the local ambulance corps, and for the past 20 years have been the CEO of the ambulance company serving the Towns of Wilton, Saratoga and Northumberland, New York.

While my first wife passed away many years ago, I have remarried and have four four children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Life is good.